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Where can I get an abortion in Bangalore?

If you want to contact these clinics and doctors and want to get the services, then please do write to us at
WhatsApp us at +918861713567

Namma Bangaluru!! Namma young people staying in Bangalore!!!! We often stories of young women finding it difficult get any services related to abortion. Doctors often refused to help young women especially if they are singe women.

Have you ever heard of these clinics which can provide you safe abortion?
And why should you know about them?

These clinics in India envisage sexual and reproductive health for all as a human right, including gender equality leading to alleviation of poverty, population stabilization and sustainable development.

So where do you go if you are looking for Sexual and reproductive health aid in Bangalore?

Private hospitals? Clinics? Nowhere? For those who are still struggling, for those who are suffering cause they don’t know where to go, for those who have suffered a lot because of judgmental comments by the service provider, let me tell you these clinics can help you in Bangalore. A place where you wont be judged. A place where you would feel safe, a place where proper guidance and counselling would be given for Sexual and reproductive health.

So what is the procedure followed by these clinics

Apart from MTP, these clinics also does HIV testing, Cervical cancer test (compulsory for women above 30 years), Vasectomy, tubectomy and test for breast cancer.
The tests are done after the consent of the patient only. All the tests are done in the Laboratory.

Privacy and confidentiality is the most important aspect for us.  Let it be a married women or unmarried women, the information of the patient is kept highly confidential. Nobody asks the patient uncomfortable questions like are you married or not? Where is the husband?

The whole facility would cost based on the case basis. Kindly utilize this amazing clinic. Try it out and refer it to the ladies around.
Let us all promote safe abortion and health care around us.

If you want to contact these clinics and doctors and want to get the services, then please do write to us. 

Write to us at
WhatsApp us at +918861713567

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