Where can I get an abortion in Hyderabad?


If you want to contact this clinic and need any personal assistance, please WhatsApp us at 8861713567.

We have been mapping these clinic in different parts of India. We went to visit this clinic and it was one of the biggest independent branch we have seen. It was an independent building, in the middle of the city. It had a lovely park outside the hospital. Interestingly enough there was a diagnostic Centre right below it.

The registration fee is Rs 50. There would be a minimal cost for further procedures required. We went inside the first floor of the building. It had  lot of patients and their families sitting right outside the Out Patient Department section. There were two surgeries that were conducted that day. We met the person in charge who was willing to show us around.

The place had a doctor, a counsellor, few operating rooms and a ward.

They even had some posters that provided information regarding Medical Termination of Pregnancy and the number of months under which one could avail the services. We met the Auxiliary Nurse Midwife who showed us some of the rooms where some of the services are provided. At this specific clinic they only provided abortions for up to 12 weeks ( 1st Trimester).

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(Poster  in Telegu explaining different months within which abortion can be performed)

The different types of services that come along :

  1. Sterilisation (Both Female and Male)
  2. Temporary Methods : ( IUD, Oral Pills)
  3. Medical Termination of Pregnancy
  4. Cancer Screenings

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