Vasectomy : Male Birth Control? Will you do it for love?

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What is that?
I know most of you are confused. I was the same too when I heard of it at first. Because, in our society, We hardly think about ‘men’ when it comes to birth control (Apart from condom). Often birth control conversations are limited to women only, and it is assumed there is not much that men can offer.

There are ways a man can ensure that chances of getting someone pregnant can be reduced. and one of those ways is : Vasectomy.

So what really happens in Vasectomy?

Genital surgery is not on the bucket list of most of the men. And for those who don’t know, Vasectomy is the surgical procedure for male sterilization.

Don’t panic by the word ‘Surgery’, It is less riskier than Tubectomy (Female sterilization) and it’s a 10 -20 minute procedure.

But…after the procedure you will have to avoid sexual activity for a week (Sorry).

Vasectomy is very effective compared to the rubber way which most men opt for a birth control .Vasectomy is a permanent surgical procedure and should be used as a long term option.

What will not happen due to vasectomy?

It will not affect the MAN IN YOU, it never affects the sexual functioning as the penis is not a part of the procedure and no hormone changes too.

But according to the medical professionals, there will be a 10% drop in the volume of the fluid during ejaculation.

But trust me- You won’t notice. The procedure does not affect your sperm production, it just keeps sperms from coming out and they are eventually reabsorbed in the body.

Sex as Home Work?

And guys, do you like sex as a home work? Because you are supposed to ejaculate 20- 25 times prior to the procedure to make sure there are no sperms left in your tubes — Time to set up a sex tally.

And your women will appreciate you because normally in a relationship, contraceptive decisions, and actions tend to fall on women.

Isn’t it great to share the responsibilities and balance your life? So long as you have a committed partner, a successful vasectomy allows for an incredible level of sexual freedom.

No more wondering whether she took her pill or if the condom broke.

No more late-night runs for pregnancy tests because she feels a little off.

This is the safest way to put concerns about an “oops” baby to rest.

Thanks to all the superheros who undergone Vasectomy:  You are all superheros– There are too many people in the world. We are over-crowded, running out of water, and creating tons of waste. Your decision to have a vasectomy can prevent unplanned pregnancies and, on an individual level, that’s a major contribution to cutting down on the toll humankind is taking on the earth.

I hope it should have a place in the To-Do list of all the men.

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  1. The vasectomy doctors in Atlanta has said that there are many misconceptions around vasectomy. Many people still believe that vasectomy can reduction of sex drive and it will affect manliness and it is not true. The procedure of vasectomy has nothing to do with sexual performance of men. I think more awareness are needed.

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