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Tips to live a full life as HIV Positive

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HIV is not a killer anymore. We are not living in times when there were only experimental drugs available. Now we have tried and tested medicines which work to keep a person healthy. And the government has provisions to supply you with medicines for free of cost.

So if you are newly tested HIV positive, stop feeling lost. There are many of us who are living a good, healthy and fruitful life. HIV is not a condition that happens to a certain kind of people. It can happen to a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer or a sportsman. So you should not feel any less about yourself. You may say that it is easily said than done. But I have lived this through and this gets better. In fact, way better, you realise that you live a healthier life style and you surround yourself with the best of the people.

The following are some of the things I would suggest:

Editor’s note: The writer chose to remain anonymous for personal reasons. 

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