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So, are you confused about where the sperm meets your eggs? When someone tried to explain how a contraceptive worked & you couldn’t wrap your head around certain body parts they were talking about? We understand how difficult it can be to know your body & what it does when biology is something you hated or that our schools do not provide comprehensive sexual education! In this article, we have tried to simplify the female genitalia, reproductive system and what it does. Read ahead, so you can flex your knowledge!

The Female Reproductive parts can be divided into two viz internal and external: 

1. The External Reproductive Parts:

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2. The Internal Reproductive Parts 

In the diagram above, we have tried showing the major reproductive parts which are inside your body (internal). Their functions are as follows:

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Awareness is the first step for everything. You need to know your body because your body belongs to you. Be it sexual health, sexual pleasure, menstrual health, overall health, when you know your body, you will have greater power to identify what works for you and what does not. Also, you will no longer be ignorant when your body gives you signs that something is just not right. So listen to your body!

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About the Author: Vidhi Gada

She is a 4th-year law student from ILS Law College, Pune, who firmly believes the law can be used as a weapon of change in our country and thus began her journey in the field of law. Apart from trying her best to be updated with all the legislations, her interests lie in Human Rights & Intellectual Property Rights. The best way to connect with her is to suggest a song that sets her mood and also, dogs. No! Kidding, she loves all the animals! She really likes dancing, writing and making puns!

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