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How to remove pubic hair at home

pubic hair

The global pandemic has confined us all within our homes. This means no trips to the salon to groom ourselves. Pandemic or not, there are a lot of hair removal techniques available out there and thanks to online shopping, we can have such resources at our doorstep. 

There are many preferred methods of hair removal and styling like trimming, shaving and waxing. Or you can choose not to remove the hair at all. Pubic hair is only natural and it has its own functions. The choice to remove, groom or keep the pubic hair comes down to an individual’s preference.

Why do we need pubic hair?

Pubic hair is not just a nuisance hair down there you know! It has important functions:

What are the hair-removal methods available ?

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Amongst the three options trimming, shaving and waxing, experts say trimming is the least riskier and waxing is the riskiest.

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Good Old Trusty Razor:

To shave or not to shave , that’s the real question!

Razors are the most easily available and cheapest hair removal method out there.

When it comes to shaving your pubes,

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Waxing ( Be your own parlour-aunty ) 

Waxing removes the hair from the root and thus hair re-growth takes longer.

Before waxing ensure that,

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Hair removal creams

A wide variety of hair removal creams are available. These are easier and offer a less messy method of hair removal.

However, before using the product:

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The first thought that comes when thinking of tweezing is – “ OUCH!”.  This process is very time -consuming and could be painful. However, this is ideal to remove a stray strand on the bikini line, after a shave or trim.

Home-made solutions

The internet is flooded with pubic hair removal methods. They make use of some basic and easily available ingredients at home. Please be cautious while resorting to such home-made solutions. Even though the products are the most basic ingredients like honey, sugar or cornstarch, they are not in their purest form and they have gone through a manufacturing and preservation process. A patch -test will be a safer precaution before using home -made solutions. 

A combination one could try at home is called sugaring. A paste which is made up of lemon, sugar, and water is safe, natural, and uses no chemical additives. 

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Choosing to not remove pubic hair

Choosing to keep pubic hair intact is not considered unhygienic. However, poor hygiene practices can end up causing sweat to be trapped in the area and that can result in odour. Thus it is always recommended to keep the area dry if you choose to keep your pubic hair. Also, do clean the area well with soap and water when in the shower.


You can use any of the above mentioned methods and see which one works for you.  It all comes down to our personal preference. But just remember that the pubic area is a highly sensitive region and use only those methods that suit your skin sensitivity.

If you have any doubt on which method is best suited for you, you can talk to a good dermatologist or health professional for guidance.

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About the Author: Tanvi Uday Shetty
She is a second year law student, at the O.P.Jindal Global University, Sonipat,Haryana. Her passions are rooted in environmental law, cyber-security law and human rights advocacy. A biryani enthusiast, you could find her curled up in bed, binging movies or reading Khaled Hosseini’s books

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