Where to find abortion clinics nearby in Kohima?


What do you expect when you’re about to visit a clinic where safe abortion is provided? You don’t know what to expect. I was at home, visiting one of cities : Kohima, trying to figure out if I could ¬†find a good health clinic.

Direction to Kohima Clinic:

I took a bus from BOC point and headed to main town. From there, I got out of the bus and started walking as the traffic jam was massive. It wasn’t much of a challenge finding the clinic. And as I reached the colony, the first person I met directed me perfectly towards the clinic.

The moment I reached the clinic, I stretched my neck as it stood at a peak, and realised just how normal the clinic was and how though I’ve been to the colony many times I never really saw this clinic.

As I climbed up the stairs and entered, I was greeted by the head, who then took me to his office and after a brief conversation, introduced me to his team who will tell me about the clinic and answer my queries. It didn’t feel like I was in an alien place and though it was my first time I felt familiar with it.

Services offered Kohima:

The team took me through the process of the clinic right;

Immunization (for children),
OPD and so on.

I was told they get about 250 patients coming in every month from all age groups. The number however used to be higher but because of the change in the consulting doctor who was liked by many and with whom many found comfort, had to take leave for further studies. He had a great rapport with the patients and was always the preferred one. Two doctors are currently in chair, one a male and the other a female. They take turns and are available through Monday to Friday. They have also through time have gained trust of patients and the number of visiting patients are increasing.

The clinic follows a No Refusal Policy.

Free services:

Where though most treatments are FREE, for the few where fees are imposed is also not considered mandatory and if a patient is unable to pay, he or she is relieved from having to pay at all. The fee for MVA which is for safe abortion covers all expenses like meds, procedure, full doses required. Again, even if the patient is unable to pay they will still treat her without payment.

If you want to contact this clinic and need any personal assistance, please WhatsApp us at 8861713567.

They provide free contraceptives, and also conduct other long term procedures like coppertine, sterilization (both female and male).

The clinic not only receives patient from Kohima but all over Nagaland. Doctors from other districts and villages refer them to the clinic. Even government hospitals like Naga Hospital, Kohima refers patients to the clinic. Apart from these, they also provide Hepatitis B and C services. The clinic also have a good amount of HIV and IDU patients.

As I took my leave and was on my way out a young girl working there offered me tea, and as I came out of the clinic, it was just a normal day again. The clinic has two exits and entrances making it easier for patients to take whichever is best directed to their house or bus/taxi station. Just a couple of minutes of walk away is the bus stop and taxi station.

If you want to contact this clinic and need any personal assistance, please WhatsApp us at 8861713567.

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    1. Hello, will you WhatsApp our carechat at 8861713567. They will guide you to the clinic based on your health conditions and needs.

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