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So I came across this amazing place on Instagram. Firstly I was super impressed by the content and topics they are talking about, honestly so many of my doubts have been solved here and one can get answers to the questions that people usually don't talk about or have lack of information. But what won my heart was a personal experience I had and how they helped me where they were not at all obliged. So recently I came across a post here talking about methods to remove pubic hair. There they mentioned their WhatsApp no. If we want to get some device recommendations. I messaged them on WhatsApp and they were so quick with assistance, they recommended me some popular products based on customer reviews and also suggested me few sites from where I could purchase them at lower price. One of those sites was Drift Deals( guys please don't purchase anything from this site. This site is a big scam they deliver fake products and then there is no method to get in touch with them for refund). Same happened with me so I messaged the hidden pocket team regarding my issue basically to tell them that they do not suggest that site to anyone else as it will hamper their goodwill also. And not only they apologised they even went ahead and offered to refund my money, they did not owe me at all as they just recommended me few online sites and that's all neither do they deal in online purchasing, but still they insisted that I take this amount from them. This is a huge thing for me and the amount of commitment and responsibility they show towards there users is incredible. From this incident one thing that everyone can take away is that these people are 100% genuine and you can totally trust their advice.
Sonika Singh
About a month before , I had an unplanned pregnancy. Despite taking precauation, I became pregnant and I found it very difficult to find a farmacy where the emergency contraceptive pill available. We approached the hidden pockets and received fruitfull reply. Again , though I had the emergency pill on time, I still became pregnant , We were in difficult situation during the lockdown period to find a clinic to do abortion. We pinged to hidden pocket for help and received the prompt help with advise. It was an unforgettable experience to meet people who don't judge , but help instead in real need situation. Thanks to hidden pockets team.