Workshop : Unlocking Safe Work Spaces

2019 and after a year after #MeToo in India, most of us are trying to figure if there are alternatives that might just make our access to work spaces, social infrastructures and life in general easier ?

We are still looking at dismal implementation of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act, 2016 and inspite of having a law, we still feel it is not being efficient.

Why are things not working out? Why is that inspite of a legislation, companies and startups are not getting up and figuring this out.

As part of these conversation we at Hidden Pockets along with SAAMYA, decided to go ahead and conduct a series of workshops to directly reach the authorities who make the decision. To call them out and help them in implementing and make their administrative bodies more efficient.

Workshop : Unlocking Safe Work Spaces

If you are interested or you think there are organisations who might benefit out of this, please write to or and we would take this conversation further!

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