Where can I get an abortion in Bangalore?

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Namma Bangaluru!!!!! Namma young people staying in Bangalore!!!! Have you ever heard about Family Planning Association of India – Bangalore??
And why should you know about them? So let me introduce you to FPAI.

As you would have already noticed that FPAI stands for Family Planning Association of India. FPA India envisages sexual and reproductive health for all as a human right, including gender equality leading to alleviation of poverty, population stabilization and sustainable development. They have their presence in
Delhi, Ahmadabad, Chennai, Lucknow, Agra, Bangalore, Mumbai and few more places.To know more about them you can visit their website: www.fpaindia.org

So where do you go if you are looking for Sexual and reproductive health aid in Bangalore?
Private hospitals? Clinics? Nowhere? For those who are still struggling, for those who are suffering cause they dont know where to go, for those who have suffered a lot because of judgmental comments by the service provider, high prices, let me introduce you to FPAI – Bangalore. A place where you wont be judged. A place where you would feel safe. A place where services are affordable and a place where proper guidance and counselling would be given for Sexual and reproductive health.

The clinic is situated at City Corporation Maternity Home Complex, 1st Floor, Palace Guttahalli (Guttahalli circle), BANGALORE – 560 003. For those who have no
clue about this place, let me tell you it is very close to Le Meridien Hotel and Bangalore Golf club, Sankey Road. As you reach the complex’s gate, you would see the FPAI board
on the left side of the building. On the first floor you would find the Admin team of FPAI – Bangalore. From the gate if you walk towards the right, you would see a path on your left which would take you to the clinic (currently which is under maintenance now; till it is ready one can visit the doctor on the first floor)
The clinic operates from 9 am -5 pm.

So what is the procedure followed by FPAI – Bangalore?

– The first thing is Registration: Here the person would be asked the reason for coming to FPAI. Is for MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) in other words safe abortion
or sterlization.
– Then the person is sent to the counselor where the counselor discusses what all happened and what can be done. Privacy is given utmost importance.
– Then the person is provided with consultation. It is checked whether the person is on her first trimester or second. Then she is provided with proper guidance on what
she is required to do.
– During the medication, if the person is asked to take abortion pill, she is provided with proper guidelines on how to consume them. And if minor operation is required
the she is guided accordingly. FPAI – Bangalore currently has 10 beds and one minor operation theater. And the clinic is very clean.
– One week later a follow up is done, where the person is asked to come back. This is done so as to check whether the pregnancy is completely terminated and the
person is safe.

FPAI – Bangalore also gives a counselling about Family Planning Methods. They also provide people with free contraceptives for example free condoms.
Apart from MTP, FPAI also does HIV testing, Cervical cancer test (compulsory for women above 30 years), Vasectomy, tubectomy and test for breast cancer.
The tests are done after the consent of the patient only. All the tests are done in the Laboratory.

FPAI Bangalore also has Adolescent health clinic and also does Male sterilization.

FPAI follows no refusal policy, this means nobody is refused or sent back without providing medical services and help.
Privacy and confidentiality is the most important aspect that FPAI follows.Whoever comes to the clinic needs to just register with one’s name.
This is required, to keep a count of the patients. It is not for public to examine. Let it be a married women or unmarried women, the information of the patient is
kept highly confidential. Nobody asks the patient uncomfortable questions like are you married or not? Where is the husband?
Everybody is treated with dignity at FPAI.

Namma bangaluru, I found FPAI – Bangalore very friendly and approachable. If required, kindly try utilizing this clinic. It’s friendly, non-judgmental, safe, clean and affordable.
The whole facility would cost around 500 INR. Kindly utilize this amazing clinic. Try it out and refer it to the ladies around.
Let us all promote safe abortion and health care around us.

PS:  “FPA India clinics may charge, what we prefer to call as a ‘partial user fee’ to the clients for seeking abortion or any other SRH service. This fee is very subsidized and helps the Association meet some running costs. However, all FPA India clinics also have a “NO REFUSAL POLICY”, which states that no client walking into any FPA India facility is denied any service, especially if he/she is unable to afford even the subsidized fee. Thus, poor and marginalized clients can also access quality services in FPAI clinics. Only when the facility is not equipped to provide a particular service (for example some client may need a specialized service, or admission or higher level emergency care) are clients to other facilities.”

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  1. Hi could you please help me here, my question is if you forget to take contraceptive pill within 48hrs due to some reason and take it after 48 what are your chance of getting pregnant? Also when is the right time to go and meet doctor if you feel afraid for the mistake you did in previous question.

    • Dear,

      If you have forgotten to use the contraceptive pill, you can wait till your next period dates, and try meeting a doctor within 12 weeks of the sexual act. Not every act results in pregnancy. Doctors can help you better, have a look at your body and let you know which would be the best method suited for the body so that you can make a rational decision. Don’t worry, things would be fine 🙂

  2. I got involved in grinding with my partner. It was my 12th day. My cycle is usually of 28 days. Maybe a little amount of pre cum had come in contact with my genitalia. I have taken i pill within 24 hours. What are the chances that I will get pregnant?

  3. I got involved in grinding with my partner. It was my 12th day. My cycle is usually of 28 days. Maybe a little amount of pre cum had come in contact with my genitalia. I have taken i pill within 24 hours. What are the chances that I will get pregnant?

    • Hi
      Me and my Girl friend had intercourse 8 weeks back, we used the protection, we were very cautious about everything but just yesterday my girlfriend told me that she is having mood swings and heavy food cravings, her period was never missed nor it was delayed, it was always on time, do you think she’s pregnant?

  4. I have one question pls help me here! If a person who is going through 13th week missed periods after sexual act, what can be the solution for abortion? Pls suggest

  5. I had unprotected sex with a girl over 10 days ago but did not ejaculate inside her. She is 4 days late for her period. How high are the chances of pregnancy and how can we get an abortion if she is pregnant?

  6. My partner and I had intercourse and she has missed her periods for 5 days. She has stomach pain, nauseous. Google says positive for pregnancy. Can you suggest me some descret clinic with highest privacy and confidentiality. Thanks

  7. I’m 18 years and 5 months old, I think I might be pregnant, will FPAI be able to perform an adoption with complete confidentiality?

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