What is Hidden Pockets Collective?

Hidden Pockets Collective conducts research on sexual and reproductive health in cities of Global South. It has been working on curating services related to sexual and reproductive health in 7 cities of India. It primarily focuses on health services used by young people, people from LGBTIQ groups and any other groups who would be looking for some correct information.

We at Hidden Pockets are trying our level best to find you good services in your cities, which would be non judgemental and should be affordable. We are active on WhatsApp ( +918861713567) as well.

We have been fairly active with groups like Women’s groups, LGBTIQ groups, Positive People’s networks, Young Feminist Networks, Child Rights Groups, Data Groups and Internet Groups  in the last 3 years.



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We have been felicitated with awards and appreciation for our work with public health sector. We have represented our work at International and national level conferences ranging from Aspen Idea Festival, Rights Con ( Belgium), Yale Global Health Programme ( US), Women Deliver Conferences ( Denmark) to conferences in Indian like Digital Citizen Summit, Young Adolescents Congress , Radio Festival, Logical Indian Symposium.

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We got covered by :

Guardian Instagram, Upworthy, Logical Indian, Mama Cash, Indian Express, Factor Daily, Deccan Chronicle, Tedx Koramangla and The Ladies Finger.




Our recent addition in the list of awards is Laadli awards for our podcast series : Pocketshaala in 2018.

We conduct series of workshops with different groups – schools and colleges. We work with tech groups and work on gender sensitisation and making theses space diverse and inclusive. We have been working with private bodies in setting up Internal Complaints Cell. If you are interested and want us to conduct workshops, please do write to us : hiddenpocketsinfo@gmail.com





Executive Co-ordinator 

Aisha Lovely George is an open-minded, welcoming and resourceful leader with a sound and cheerful outlook on all things in life. One of the Youth Champions 2017 from India (of the Asia Safe Abortion Partnership) and Unleash Fellow 2017  she heads the operations, Mapping and Podcasts at Hidden Pockets. Certified as a peer educator by Enfold India, she has conducted several trainings on Sexual and Reproductive health for Government school students and also for students from community library . She is currently pursuing her Masters in Psychology as well.



Founder, Co-ordinator of Knowledge Production 

Jasmine Lovely George is a Tedx speakers, lawyer, and a sexual and reproductive health advocate from India. She has is the founder of Hidden Pockets and currently curates conversations around sexuality and other fields. She is passionate about changing technology spaces and making them more inclusive for people from all genders. She has been working with diverse minority groups and has been working on changing the narrative around pleasure, access and technology.



As a feminist activist and scholar trained in human development and childhood studies, questions about gender, sexuality and adolescent education have always interested Tushita. She is drawn towards dialogues around gender and sex. She is currently working as a researcher at Hidden Pockets and is associated with various other networks of health rights in India. She is quite interested in various forms of expressions, be it dance, music, painting or doodling. She loves reading books as well. In her spare time, she doodles for Hidden Pockets and other small organizations as well, primarily focusing on body image issues, sexuality, masculinity and disability.


Experience Designer

Sekuly Nyekha, A student of performing arts, she has been helping the collective to develop an approach to towards designing experiences into beautiful expressions. Sekulu is a keen follower of Pop Culture.



Tech Maker

Payel Ganguly, a final year engineering student in Information Technology who is passionate about all things data and mobile development. A self-motivated, dedicated and detail-oriented woman who strongly supports Women in Tech. What motivates her is the belief that Computer Science has a great power to make positive impacts in people’s lives. Also, she is addicted to drawing & doodling.








People who have helped us in the journey  so far: 


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Brindaalakshmi. K

Writing from the age of 11, Brindaalakshmi. K turned her love for writing into her profession from her first job in 2011. She writes poetry, journalistic pieces, screenplay, brand copy, social media copy, fiction and anything else with a promise of an exciting challenge. Having spent too much time studying startups as a business & technology journalist, she now prefers spending her time branding and building businesses instead. She is the business woman who likes feminists to look sexy, both men and women alike. She’s also an actor, a traveller and a film-maker.