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Life with HIV: My struggle with my medication

July 11, 2017 Hidden Pockets 0

“Looking after my health TODAY gives me a better hope for TOMORROW” – Anne Wilson Schaef DISCLAIMER: What failed on me does NOT mean that it may not work on you. PLEASE listen to your body and go by it accordingly. I know some of my friends who are doing well on Efavirenz. Unlike mine, Read More

Tips to live a full life as HIV Positive

December 1, 2016 Hidden Pockets 0

HIV is not a killer anymore. We are not living in times when there were only experimental drugs available. Now we have tried and tested medicines which work to keep a person healthy. And the government has provisions to supply you with medicines for free of cost. So if you are Read More

Anti Retro-viral Treatment Centers for HIV in Delhi

May 26, 2016 Hidden Pockets 0

Anti Retro-viral Treatment Centers for HIV in Delhi Curated by Delhi Positive Women’s Network. HIV and AIDS Anti retroviral therapy treatment can be accessed in these public institutions. They provide for free testing. Please click the orange markers on the map for more details. Baba Sahib Ambedkar Hospital, Rohini Sector Read More