Where do you feel safe in Ahmedabad? #pleasurepockets

Dhaval from Ahmedabad on behalf of Hidden Pockets, asked residents of Ahmedabad, where did they feel safe and why. Most of the respondents were women and it was interesting to realize though they loved some of the spots on this map, there were places they would have loved to visit, if only the narratives around those spots were different.

For most of the residents of Ahmedabad, food was a great source of pleasure, and it also justified the presence of so many women in public places; for their love of food, brought them out.

Where to look for Sexual and reproductive health aid in Ahmedabad

Where to look for Sexual and reproductive health aid in Ahmedabad

Hidden Pockets visited Ahmedabad and decided to walk the city. The visit became more exciting when we got to know that FPAI i.e. Family Planning association of India is also present in Ahmedabad.  Hidden Pockets decided to visit the clinic. “FPAI is a voluntary non-governmental organization which pioneered the family planning movement in India. It is committed to gender equality and to eliminate discrimination which threatens individual well-being and leads to wide spread violation of health and human rights particularly of adolescents and young women.” – FPAI Brochure.

The administration building of FPAI, Ahmedabad is located at Nashabandhi Compound, Bhadra opposite to Apna bazaar. It is very close to the most famous ‘New Lucky Restaurant’. We went and met the programme head and also the branch manager. There we got to know that the FPAI clinic is at Madhupur, so we headed towards the clinic. The clinic is very close to the Namaste Circle (one can see hands statue in a namaste gesture 😊) and Haripura Gardens. As soon as one reaches the Haripura Gardens, take the road that goes inside along the garden. Keep walking for 10-15 mins. And then one can see an Urban Health Centre on the left. FPAI is at the 2 floor.

The best part of FPAI staff is the smile on their faces, which makes the clinic filled with positive vibes. As we entered the clinic, we met the counsellor who had a bright smile on her face. She showed us around the clinic. FPAI, Ahmedabad has a counsellor room, examination room, tests room, and a minor operation theatre.

Process to get an Medical Termination of Pregnancy: 

First the person is registered. His/her name and other information is kept confidential. Then the person is sent to the counsellor where he or she interacts with the counsellor. FPAI follows no refusal policy. No one is refused here. If the scope is beyond FPAI, then it refers the person to some other organization. After the counselling the person is sent to the examination room and then the doctor tells what all is needed to be done. All tests are done and then the person is sent back.

FPAI, Ahmedabad also believes in the importance of after care. It keeps in touch with the person and provides after care. FPAI believes that it is very important to see if abortion (medical termination of pregnancy – MTP) is safely completed and the person is safe. It asks the person to come back after 15 days for a checkup. It also provides alternatives to those who cannot come back after 15 days.


FPAI, Ahmedabad provides MTP services, long term contraception plans, HIV and AIDS testing, Pap smear test and breast cancer testing. One of the special thing about this clinic is that it also has special OPD on Fridays for males, adolescents and MSM (Men who have sex with men). They also provide family planning counselling. All this is done at a very minimal rate  ( Maximum Rs 1000) and few of the pills are completely free.

This branch also does MTP for 2nd Trimester ( This is mostly after 12 weeks of pregnancy). It is very hard to find a reliable place where 2nd Trimester is performed and FPAI Ahmedabad is one of it where one can expect accountability.

People from Ahmedabad, if required kindly utilize this amazing facility and ask whoever is in need to visit FPAI, Ahmedabad.

PS: “FPA India clinics may charge, what we prefer to call as a ‘partial user fee’ to the clients for seeking abortion or any other SRH service. This fee is very subsidized and helps the Association meet some running costs. However, all FPA India clinics also have a “NO REFUSAL POLICY”, which states that no client walking into any FPA India facility is denied any service, especially if he/she is unable to afford even the subsidized fee. Thus, poor and marginalized clients can also access quality services in FPAI clinics. Only when the facility is not equipped to provide a particular service (for example some client may need a specialized service, or admission or higher level emergency care) are clients to other facilities.”


Written by : Aisha Lovely George

#pleasurepockets walk in #Ahmedabad

When you are a stranger in a new city, the best way to get a feel of your new neighborhood and to map out interests close to you, is by foot. This essentially means long walks through a maze of streets, buildings, bazaars and the works.

Many cities in India have a reputation for being ‘unsafe’ post sundown. Walks and vigils have been conducted across the globe by professionals, student bodies and others alike who, like us, believe that the streets (no matter what time of the day) must not be feared in any respect. These streets were made with a sole intention of public use in mind and if that purpose expires with the setting of the sun, it is lost and the forces in play that perpetuate the visage of it being unsafe automatically get the upper hand. This is what we aim to stop. Reclaiming the streets is more than just speaking out for our rights to use them at any given time, it is also about us debunking the myths that surround certain spaces. This is a problem that affects both women and men.


Hidden Pockets is back to its walking spree and this time we are busy reclaiming the streets of Jaipur. Join us as we walk the streets of Ahmedabad and enjoy these streets 😉