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Hidden Pockets presents Own Your City. Let us walk with Aishwarya who would take us to Saras Baug (Pune). Let us all join her in this walk. Women !! Explore your city, walk around your own city, its yours 🙂 #Makeyourcity #Ownyourcity

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“Own Your City” presents Bangalore – Cubbon Park.
Lets walk around Cubbon Park and explore the place.

Host: Akarshitha Yaji
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Can you get pleasure without a partner? Can we have conversations about it without sex? Can it be about food? What all options do we have? Does sex restricts the idea of pleasure for some groups? Can woman talk about pleasure? Is there a guilt element that prevents women from engaging with the idea of sex? Is there a class angle, can it only be enjoyed by people from certain class? Do we all long for pleasure?
What is pleasure for you?

As women, it is very important for us to know our rights and own decisions that are to be made about our individual bodies. But, have you wondered about how challenging that can be at times? There can be many reasons that make women’s reproductive health and rights a difficult area to talk about, let alone owning it.This podcast is specifically created to talk to women who have been working in the area of women’s health and reproductive rights for a while now. Listen to them share their personal and professional experiences with us.

Stay tuned to listen to Aishwarya describe the scintillating beauty of Shaniwarwada Fort (Pune – Pleasure Pockets) and the enamor exhilarated by the edifices therein. Don’t miss a moment of this talk if you want to have this fun filled virtual tour. So fasten your seat belts and let’s get ready for our very own city, Pune!! #Ownyourcity #Makeyourcityinclusive


Listen to Tanzila Khan, an inspiring motivational speaker from Pakistan, who overcomes her physical disability and redefines beauty for thousands of women who are struggling with body image issues each day. Khan goes on to motivate us to love our body and acknowledge the importance of taking care of oneself.

Menstruation aka “Periods” has its association with many taboos: bad blood, a notion of uncleanness, women are traditionally considered ritually impure and the list goes on. So this initiative was taken up so as to try to reduce the taboos around and to spread awareness regarding Menstrual Hygiene.

Pleasure, Politics and Pagalpan – A conversation on gender, sexuality and psycho-social disabilities.
We asked feminists, queer individuals, writers, activists, film makers
“What does Pleasure, Politics and Pagalapan mean to you? ”
Here is what they said 😊

Through this audio podcast, get to know about Aravani Community (Transgender Community) and also about the Aravani Art Project.
A talk with Poornima Sukumar, Founder of the Aravani Art Project.

#IWillGoOut was a national level event hosted by a collected of young women across in India, resisting the impositions and reclaiming their rights, and spaces on roads.

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What is sexual pleasure for you? Do women experience this differently? We asked LoveTreats and found some interesting answers.

Pourakarmikas are Bangalore (Karnataka – India) based men and women who clear different kinds of garbage, from food waste to discarded cell phones, from the city’s streets.

Pourakarmikas are fighting for a life with dignity. On 8th March 2017, on International women’s Day they decided to protest at the BBMP head Office. Hidden Pockets joined them.

I want to thank the Facebook page ” Pourakarmikas Demand their Rights ” for providing us with useful content.

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