Gender Trouble Workshop

November 20, 2015 Hidden Pockets 0

Performances as such take a route they say,  performance lets you take shapes, sizes and expand beyond one’s imagination. It helps you break the mold. Performance might be the ultimate gender blender.  It speaks more than the language of binaries and it takes it further and mixes it up. Gender Read More

Hungama Ho Gaya – Queen

November 13, 2015 Hidden Pockets 0

This 2014 hit, Queen completely took the film goers with a tide! The lyrics of the song simply pushes for little more fun for everyone. It also at some level, talks about fun, and how all of us enjoy this fun and try to get the best in our limited Read More

When women were not banned from Dargah

November 9, 2015 Hidden Pockets 0

For some of us, visiting a dargah has always been a bit of a surreal experience. One is always looking for the transcending sounds, a peaceful space, and places where one automatically covers one’s head. I am no more sure, if one is trained to do so, is it a Read More

Deewani Mastani

October 19, 2015 Hidden Pockets 0

Sanjay Leela Bhansaali is back with his beautiful creations and his women. This time we have Mastani; a brave and beautiful warrior who was rumoured to be Bajirao’s second wife/mistress and whose power on Bajirao had led to great legends. In this song Bhansaali, is giving a tribute to all Read More

Young Feminists Meet Up – New Delhi

October 15, 2015 Hidden Pockets 0

One is always worried before a meet up; when one is supposed to meet one’s fellow comrades. Young Feminist Meet Up in Delhi was one of those days, when one was bit nervous about meeting new faces. Do all feminists look angry? Do they only talk about violence? Are there Read More

Spoken Word – Abortion Rights

October 14, 2015 Hidden Pockets 3

As part of the September 28th movement on access to services related to Abortion, Hidden Pockets performed it first ever spoken word performance on issue of Abortion. Hidden Pockets’ first ever #SpokenWord performance at ‘100 Thousand poets for change’ event organised by Bring Back The Poets, Delhi with Oindrila, Jasmine Read More

Rimjhim Gire Sawan – Manzil

July 15, 2015 Hidden Pockets 2

If you are sitting down with a cup of chai and watching the rain, turn on our gramophone and listen to Rhim Jhim from Manzil (1979). An older Bombay comes alive as Moushmi Chatterjee and Amitabh Bachchan walk the streets drenched in Bombay’s harsh but beautiful monsoon. Manzil is a Read More

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