Juke Box

For the music lovers, we decided to curate some of the songs in different languages which evokes different sense of pleasure in us!

O Womaniya (Bhojpuri)

An extremely wild number from Gangs of Wasseypur, this song advices a young wife to be as ferocious as her husband would be.


Mann Ki Patang ( Hindi)

This delightfully appealing song takes one to the streets of Delhi as if one were right there. The protagonists in the song are seen roaming throughout the city looking for material for a book they’re about to write. It captures the city’s essence, to hold it in its soul. While the song by itself feels like a cup of chai in summer rain. On an additional note, one must not miss this delicate yet stunning story of a mother and daughter, where the daughter is unable to accept her widowed mother’s relationship with another man. Indraneel Hariharan, the composer of this song, is a part of a fusion mix band called “Mrigya”, while his wife, Punam Hariharan, has penned the lyrics.





Manichithrathazhu (Malayalam)

Here is a song some of us who grew up in South India in the 1980s have heard our parents play on their cassette players. , the movie has ever since been remade in Hindi as  Bhool Bhulaiya and in Tamil and Telugu as Chandramukhi. This song is a poem about a woman waiting for love, only to discover that the wait is long and no one seems to want to set foot on the path that leads to her home. In the movie, the protagonist Ganga reads the poem as she discovers the depths of her relationship with her husband.


Main Cheez Badi Hoon Mast – Mohra (Hindi)

Mohra’s “Main Cheez Badi Hoon Mast” is one of those exceptional songs where Raveena Tandon is shown serenading herself

Akale Akale- Charlie (Malayalam)

For Cochin felt different with a jetty trying to connect a link between different cultures. A beautiful feel with coastal line staring back at us.

Charlie a Malayalam romantic film directed by Martin stars Dulquer Salmaan and Parvathy in the lead roles

Hungama Ho Gaya – Queen (Hindi)
This 2014 hit, Queen completely took the film goers with a tide! The lyrics of the song simply pushes for little more fun for everyone. It also at some level, talks about fun, and how all of us enjoy this fun and try to get the best in our limited capacity! Kuch badnaam hote hain aur kuch hairan! Enjoy it!

Deewani Mastaani – Bajirao Mastani (Hindi)

Sanjay Leela Bhansaali is back with his beautiful creations and his women. This time we have Mastani; a brave and beautiful warrior who was rumoured to be Bajirao’s second wife/mistress and whose power on Bajirao had led to great legends. In this song Bhansaali, is giving a tribute to all the Bollywood visuals ( Mughale Azam), at the same giving the voice for Mastani’s desire.

Rimjhim Gire Saawan – Manzil (Hindi)

If you are sitting down with a cup of chai and watching the rain, turn on our gramophone and listen to Rhim Jhim from Manzil (1979). An older Bombay comes alive as Moushmi Chatterjee and Amitabh Bachchan walk the streets drenched in Bombay’s harsh but beautiful monsoon. Manzil is a Basu Chatterjee film, where Bachchan plays an ambitious young man who lies about his finances to marry the daughter of a rich lawyer. As the baarish wears thin and the lies surface, the woman has to decide if she loves him or loves the grandeur she thought he was attached to. No points for guessing, this one, but do enjoy the song.