Cosplay : Nagaland Anime Junkies

A girl dressed up in a costume for Cosplay

Nagaland Anime Junkies brings a whole new level for the anime lovers in their annual event NAJ Cosfest in Kohima.

Cosplay is a combination of the words costume’ and ‘play’. NAJ Cosplay is one such event where young boys and girls as well as kids of all ages dress up as their favorite characters from anime, manga, comics and video games. It is one of the events which can be considered as the pleasure pockets one finds in Kohima.¬†Nagaland Anime Junkies which consisted of a small group of anime lovers first hosted the annual NAJ Cosplay in Kohima, 2013 and fast forward to 2017 it has turned into a massive culture where people of similar interests come together¬† embodies and represents their favourite characters. It inspires to bring and unite all manga, anime, comic and video game lovers.

Here is a photo essay the Cosplay.








Image Courtesy : Menule Chirhah

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