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Using the women’s locker room as a transgender woman

February 6, 2017 Hidden Pockets 0

I discovered that I am a transgender woman a few months back. After some denial, I finally accepted it and started transitioning. Being transgender can be a very lonely journey but thankfully I found the /r/asktransgender subreddit and started reading it religiously. Apart from other things, I learned that Portland, Oregon is Read More

Down the nose-talgic lane!

July 23, 2016 Hidden Pockets 0

Heaps of garbage lining walls that reeked with the smell of urine! Boy! Was it some start to a nose walk or what? The day started with pungent smelling air gushing past us, into our nostrils blowing our olfactory senses away. A nice start to our nose walk, we thought. Read More

Akale – Charlie (Malayalam)

January 28, 2016 Hidden Pockets 1

For Cochin felt different with a jetty trying to connect a link between different cultures. A beautiful feel with coastal line staring back at us. Charlie a Malayalam romantic film directed by Martin stars Dulquer Salmaan and Parvathy in the lead roles


January 4, 2016 Hidden Pockets 0

Ardhnaari is a Malayalam movie which explores the lives of transgenders in Kerala. MG Sreekumar is not only the singer, he also produced this movie and made sure a lot of transgenders got a chance to act in this movie. Image courtesy:

Hungama Ho Gaya – Queen

November 13, 2015 Hidden Pockets 0

This 2014 hit, Queen completely took the film goers with a tide! The lyrics of the song simply pushes for little more fun for everyone. It also at some level, talks about fun, and how all of us enjoy this fun and try to get the best in our limited Read More

Deewani Mastani

October 19, 2015 Hidden Pockets 0

Sanjay Leela Bhansaali is back with his beautiful creations and his women. This time we have Mastani; a brave and beautiful warrior who was rumoured to be Bajirao’s second wife/mistress and whose power on Bajirao had led to great legends. In this song Bhansaali, is giving a tribute to all Read More

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