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Currently working as researcher and podcaster at Hidden Pockets, I have accidentally stumbled upon health sector from my stint at finance before this.

Mumbai #pleasurepockets

March 20, 2017 Aisha George 0

Single woman exploring Mumbai for the first time! Mumbai is known for its stardom, for its local trains, Marine drive, Mumbai wala attitude and many more things. It is a city which never sleeps. It’s a city made of beautiful public spaces, yum food especially vada pav, expressive people, highly Read More

Aparajita – Center for Rape Survivors – Jaipur

February 28, 2017 Aisha George 0

One stop crisis management centre for woman – Jaipur For people who have no clue about the One Stop crisis Centres, let me first explain what it is. One Stop crisis Centres were introduced to simplify matters for female victims and survivors of violence, where a number of institutions would Read More

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