What is Hidden-Pockets?

We are a early stage Community interest Start up creating content on cities and pleasure. We answer the “where” question and help everyone in owning their cities.

What do we mean by ‘Pleasure’?

Hidden Pockets maps the cities of India and locates the pleasure centers. Pleasure can be happiness derived from a walk, from reading a book, from exploring a city while listening to a song, finding a guy you like smiling at you,enjoying yourself at your own pace and rhythm. The city is divided into spaces and zones and one is always taught to enjoy a city in certain ways.  We try to visualize a city and map it on the basis of various facets. We try to see cities in a new light via audio podcasts,digital maps, photo essays and a blog. In our pilot project, we aim to curate hidden pockets of India, ‘Pleasure Pockets’ in our words and re-invent the image of India from being “unsafe for women” and a heritage place, to a space which is accessible and welcomes everyone.


Jasmine Bio



Jasmine, as the founder, she believes in the idea of creating radical spaces for discussions and narratives. A lawyer and activist, she intends to create critical discussions while practising her dance moves until revolution knocks her door some day. For her, Hidden Pockets is a step towards merging city and development with a pinch of sexuality in it.



Head of Operations

Aisha Lovely George is an open-minded, welcoming and resourceful leader with a sound and cheerful outlook on all things in life. One of the Youth Champions 2017 from India (of the Asia Safe Abortion Partnership) she heads the operations, Mapping and Podcasts at Hidden Pockets. Certified as a peer educator by Enfold India, she has conducted several training on Sexual and Reproductive health for Government school students and also for students from community library .


Brinda Image


Head of Marketing & Communications/Editor, Hidden Pockets publication

Writing from the age of 11, Brindaalakshmi. K turned her love for writing into her profession from her first job in 2011. She writes poetry, journalistic pieces, screenplay, brand copy, social media copy, fiction and anything else with a promise of an exciting challenge. Having spent too much time studying startups as a business & technology journalist, she now prefers spending her time branding and building businesses instead. She is the business woman who likes feminists to look sexy, both men and women alike. She’s also an actor, a traveller and a film-maker.







Photography: Works of Pallavi, Ankit and Jasmine. Copyrights of the images lie with these artists. Images should be used post notification to our team.

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