Hidden Pockets finds good Sexual and Reproductive Health clinics.

We will look for non judgemental , affordable and good health clinics in cities. We provide confidential information on sexual and reproductive issues to tackle unwanted pregnancies, Contraceptives and more.

We are a bunch of lawyers, doctors, counsellors, working with a network of clinics to answer your queries on health. We also work at UN spaces. 

WhatsApp Us at  +918861713567.   Follow us on Facebook and Instagram


We don’t track you and don’t store your information. Our customers come first. We don’t use True Caller. 

We also provide paid counselling services on issues around sexual and reproductive health. If you want more focussed call with us, please opt for this. We provide information which is legally available in the respective countries.

Our Collective gives back to the society by working with communities who are not in the mainstream : like children from low income groups, women living with disabilities, transgender communities, people living with HIV. 


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